Saturday, January 5, 2008

Having Problem after upgrading bios to 1.10 on ipaq H 2210

Recently I just upgrade my old ipaq 2210 bios from version 1.00 to version 1.10, from HP website.
everything went not too smooth, during an upgrade, the software stop working, and restart the application not giving any help, and my ipaq H2210 only having "Serial" "version 1.8" showing on the screen, that is the bootstrap version, restarting my ipaq always get a same result, so my ipaq is only the dumb device without OS and only have the bootstrap looking for OS entry point.
ok.. panicking for a while, restarted the HP bios upgrade couple times more with no progress, finally I just want to put blame on my PC, it is Windows Vista OS, so other than looking a patch for "this compatibility issue", I use another PC which is still running XP, and good news, the HP bios upgrade software able to detect my Ipaq again, and start to upload a new bios.

all done after 30 minutes full intense upgrading session, all look fine, I restore previous ipaq settings, applications, registry and data using Ipaq backup/restore application, many application that I tested all look fine, except one : the Pocket IE can not access https, means, can't recognize SSL certificate, and after I look on certificate setting, the root server table has empty lists.
Oh my.....

ok, this is the short story to make that lists full of root CA again.

using registry editor delete all registry under :

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Comm\Security\ and

and reload this reg file to add the correct list and merge it to current system registry, because the CA registry from old bios version of ipaq seems not compatible with this new version.

so moral of the upgrade story :
- dont use vista.
- only upgrade if you really want the improvement, and if it worth :-)
- upgrading means finding new incompatibility issue, so prepare yourself with all possibility.
- its no fun at all having browser that not support SSL.


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