Sunday, April 5, 2009

Unlock Sipura SPA 2100 (from for home asterisk

note : You can unlock Linksys SPA2102 using below step as well.
The sipura that I found lying around was belong to, and now I use it with asterisk, if somebody ask how to do it, here is the story:

my instalation use :
- Sipura SPA 2100
- Windows XP Laptop.
- Linux PC
- Wireless Network
- ethereal / wireshark software for windows.

ps : you can figure out by your self how to not to use 2 system just to serve one purpose, but for me since I have linux PC (which run apache webserver and dns) so I just use it, dont have to install this additional software to my XP laptop.

after everything ready here is the step :
1. enable windows internet share on XP laptop, so the ethernet port will share wireless connection to access internet.
2. connect sipura SPA 2100 with ethernet cross cable to laptop ethernet port.
3. run ethereal to sniff ethernet interface on XP laptop.
4. turn on SPA 2100 and ethereal will start showing the traffic, this the time I saw what host on domain it tried to access, and
5. check on HTTP traffic too, and I found it tried to get /spaMAC.txt
6. write down all the info above, and now start to configure your dns and webserver to have it.
7. configure the DNS to have and pointing out to linux server ( configure named.conf to have this domain, and zone file to have IN A for those two hosts )
8. put this text in /spaMAC.txt file, and save it to /var/www/html directory, so web server will serve it to sipura.

<Enable_Web_Server ua="na">Yes</Enable_Web_Server><Web_Server_Port ua="na">80</Web_Server_Port><Enable_Web_Admin_Access ua="na">Yes</Enable_Web_Admin_Access><Admin_Passwd ua="na"></Admin_Passwd><User_Password ua="na"></User_Password><Provision_Enable ua="na">No</Provision_Enable><Protect_IVR_FactoryReset ua="na">No</Protect_IVR_FactoryReset>

9. now configure sipura to have static ip (remember, first time sipura run with auto config using windows internet share, and using internet DNS, and have it access real domain), configure sipura to have dns pointing out to linux PC too.
10. restart sipura SPA 2100, and voila, it admin page now accessible and ready to configure with my home asterisk.

simple, and at least I save one usable device for being trashed on junkyard and pollute our only planet.


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