Sunday, April 5, 2009

Unlock Sipura SPA 2100 (from for home asterisk

note : You can unlock Linksys SPA2102 using below step as well.
The sipura that I found lying around was belong to, and now I use it with asterisk, if somebody ask how to do it, here is the story:

my instalation use :
- Sipura SPA 2100
- Windows XP Laptop.
- Linux PC
- Wireless Network
- ethereal / wireshark software for windows.

ps : you can figure out by your self how to not to use 2 system just to serve one purpose, but for me since I have linux PC (which run apache webserver and dns) so I just use it, dont have to install this additional software to my XP laptop.

after everything ready here is the step :
1. enable windows internet share on XP laptop, so the ethernet port will share wireless connection to access internet.
2. connect sipura SPA 2100 with ethernet cross cable to laptop ethernet port.
3. run ethereal to sniff ethernet interface on XP laptop.
4. turn on SPA 2100 and ethereal will start showing the traffic, this the time I saw what host on domain it tried to access, and
5. check on HTTP traffic too, and I found it tried to get /spaMAC.txt
6. write down all the info above, and now start to configure your dns and webserver to have it.
7. configure the DNS to have and pointing out to linux server ( configure named.conf to have this domain, and zone file to have IN A for those two hosts )
8. put this text in /spaMAC.txt file, and save it to /var/www/html directory, so web server will serve it to sipura.

<Enable_Web_Server ua="na">Yes</Enable_Web_Server><Web_Server_Port ua="na">80</Web_Server_Port><Enable_Web_Admin_Access ua="na">Yes</Enable_Web_Admin_Access><Admin_Passwd ua="na"></Admin_Passwd><User_Password ua="na"></User_Password><Provision_Enable ua="na">No</Provision_Enable><Protect_IVR_FactoryReset ua="na">No</Protect_IVR_FactoryReset>

9. now configure sipura to have static ip (remember, first time sipura run with auto config using windows internet share, and using internet DNS, and have it access real domain), configure sipura to have dns pointing out to linux PC too.
10. restart sipura SPA 2100, and voila, it admin page now accessible and ready to configure with my home asterisk.

simple, and at least I save one usable device for being trashed on junkyard and pollute our only planet.


Dr Liz Miller said...

Hi can you explain how you have got on my blog - under Matrix Psychology

Many thanks

Anonymous said...

Utems, you're da men! It worked for me as well. The only difference is that I have done this having just one laptop running Mac OS X Leopard! Thanks for your guide!!!

GEDIK said...

Thank you for your article. I successfully unlocked SPA2102 locked to voipgo with my Gentoo box (running services: dhcpd, lighttpd and bind)

SPA was accessing:

Anonymous said...

Can you explain a little big more on how to configure static IP in step 9 ? thanks

arpol said...

on step 9, access your sipura device from your current connection by typing sipura_ip:8080, that will show you the control page, but if you finding is hard to find what is your sipura current ip (although you can see it from ethereal), then change your pc connection to sipura by connect it to ethernet port on sipura (not internet port), this will make your pc as a sipura dhcp client, then you can access your sipura control page by typing sipura_ip:80 or sipura_ip only on your browser, after you got that page, change the configuration on DNS config to have it pointing to your modified linux or DNS server, hope this will help.

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Sipura user said...

Dear Author,
Could you please publish here your cofig files for DNS server, namely
named.conf and zone file?
(meanwhile let's assume our Linux box has address

I am asking for that, because configuring DNS server even for an advanced PC user - is a quite difficult task.

I guess I can do the rest (Ethereal, Web server, Sipura configuration, etc) :-)

Thank you in advance!

Chris said...

First of all thanks for the article. I to am trying to unlock a rocketvoip spa2100. Unfortunately my box doesn't get to the point where it will ask for the file, it wants to register the sip first. (590 Request: REGISTER
If I sniff while giving it internet access, it will get past registering and then ask the configuration file.

Maybe I'm missing something :(

David said...

I got my SPA2100 from the now-defunct Zingotel unlocked using the info on this page.

It would appear that in the dying days of Zingotel all the online units were relocked to Miracletel because the file that my unit was trying to get was:

where 'a1b2c3d4e5f6' is the MAC address of your unit.

Never having set up a DNS before, I used Webmin to set it all up.

Simon Quigley said...

This will only work if the ATA is configured to provision via HTTP. If it is configured for HTTPS/SSL then you are pretty much SOL as it requires that you have the SSL cert for the FQDN the ATA is trying to provision from, signed by Cisco/Linksys for the ATA to accept it.

My Geeky Day said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
My Geeky Day said...

Thank you very much for this article, I successfully unlocked my SPA2102 locked to ClaroCom, SPA was chearching for adress of your spa)
, and since my spa is looking for an ip directly i had no need to configure DNS, so here is what i did quickly:

1-Boot the pc with live Linux (kali linux)

2-configure sipura to have a static ip and linux to have

3- Start Apache2 Webserver with this command: service apache2 start

4-create prov folder in /var/www/html then put the text in SPA-2102xxxxxx.cfg file (Delete the old contents of the file and put the one at the top of the article) then save it to /var/www/html/prov directory

5- restart your SPA and you're done! you're admin now ^^ (Adress ip of SPA still

I hope this will help people, especially those who have the ip address instead of a domain name, again Thank you soo much for the method!

Unknown said...

If your wireshark says "" I highly advise you go no further. I write in the hopes of saving somebody this grief. I tried this file, I tried other files, I compiled my own from an opensource spc compiler. None of them work - this provider must have encrypted their cfg file with a password. No file, no resetting, nor even clever attempt to upgrade can get you admin access. I write in the hopes of saving somebody this grief.

Unknown said...

sry - meant


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