Sunday, May 31, 2009

Unlock Linksys Sipura SPA 2102

To unlock this linksys SPA 2102, just do exactly the step for unlocking Sipura SPA2100 on my other post.
I did it three times, all SPA-2102 no matter the model number, either SPA-2102-R, SPA-2102-NA or SPA-2102-SF, all can be unlocked using same step.

note: the only difference on my case with Linksys SPA, the file name on web server is spaMAC.cfg compare to Sipura SPA2100 that use spaMAC.txt as default.

another note : it might need to set device to default configuration, by pressing **** and option 73738# and press 1 to confirm before above step.

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