Sunday, March 7, 2010

Patch Asterisk 1.4 to work with MagicJack.

I know, its against MagicJack TOS but I have to do this because that small MJack USB phone adapter is hot, I really dont like to have it that way while attached in my laptop.

once MagicJack guys can fix that issue, I will back again to use that phone adapter, here is the suggestion for you guys, put some power management control on that adapter, and just enabled the rest of device (that make it hot) only when there is a call placed, seems simple ha ? yes it is dude.

and why I bother to use MagicJack with Asterisk and not using any SIP Adapter directly ?, because I dont know how to configure SIP adapter to work with MagicJack server .. :D

here is the step (I use Asterisk 1.4.24, not sure if this work on 1.6).

1. go to asterisk source, on this directory ../asterisk-1.4.24/channels
2. download chan_sip patch
3. patch -l chan_sip.c < mjack_patch_chan_sip.patch
4. rm chan_sip.o
5. cd ..
6. make
7. cp channels/ /usr/lib/asterisk/modules/
8. start asterisk /usr/sbin/asterisk -Fvvvvvvvvvv
9. have fun.

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