Saturday, January 8, 2011

DG31PR Geekbench result on Mac OSX vs Windows7

This is the reason I keep my DG31PR mobo to run hackintosh, instead of installing it with Msoft OS, named Windows 7.

Geekbench 32bit result show different performance between OSX 10.5.8 and Windows 7, and honestly, I can feel this system run better on OSX compare to Windows 7.


another reason why I use this OSX, its solve the audio problem on DG31PR, this motherboard known to has bug on its onboard audio chip, some people solve it by adding a soundcard, but I found installing OSX make the problem goes away.

while using Windows 7 (and XP too), I got no sound on audio output in random situation, almost everytime I start my computer, I got no sound, restarting the PC sometimes solve the problem, but mostly not, but when running OSX, only sometimes I got no sound, and on this situation restarting the PC always solve the problem.

Well, now I am a Mac User :D.
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Anonymous said...

The biggest differerence between the two results is in the floating point values. Tests performed on OSX always perform better on the floating point, this will make the final score much higher for OSX than for Windows. OSX and Windows results can not be compared.

Anonymous said...

do you have any idea why windows OS is leaning toward integer calculation ?, as on computer most calculation is floating point right ??

is that the reason why unix system faster than windows in average ?



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