Thursday, June 2, 2011

Got error code 2869 on Vista or Seven ??

Basically this error is coming from MSI packages that build for system before Vista, means, installation process is not compatible with new security schemes that applied on Vista and 7.

on EXE file type installation, we can right click on the icon and choose "Run As Administrator", but on MSI packages, we dont have that option, here is the work around to get MSI packages run under administrator privileges.

1) Copy the .MSI file to the root directory of main hard drive (i.e. C:\).

2) Open Windows Notepad.

3) Copy this text into windows notepad:

msiexec /i C:\program_name.msi

4) Replace the text "program_name" in with the actual name of the .MSI file .

5) Click File -> Save ...

Instead of saving it as a .txt file, change the file name to installer.bat.

Save the file to place where we can find it easily, ie desktop.

6) right click on the file and select Run as Administrator.

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