Monday, June 20, 2011

TP-Link TL-MR3420 Wireless router is compatible with Nokia E52 Phone

I just realized today that my TP-Link Wireless router is supporting Nokia E52 phone on its native firmware, without any additional modem firmware.

although on their website, nokia support isnt mentioned anywhere, it does detect the nokia phone as 3G USB modem, here is the "officially" modem support from their website.

and here is my TL-MR3420 configuration that shows Nokia E52-1 as 3G USB Modem.

if somebody mind to ask, why I use my expensive phone as 3G modem on wireless router ???, why not ??, I have unlimited data plan on the phone, and the router is charging the phone too on its USB port. :-D


update for firmware version :

Firmware Version: 3.11.10 Build 100901 Rel.52652n
Hardware Version: MR3420 v1 00000000



Maciek said...

Can you share firmware verions of MR3420 and E52? In my case - unknown modem :-(

Maciek said...

I found the soft that makes E52 a wifi hotspot so I do not need a router anymore...

arpol said...

hello maciek, I will take a look on my router for its firmware version, in respond of E52 for wifi hotspot, I have that too, and I am using it as well but on different purpose, sharing E52 on 3420 router is for more than 1 user as hotspot thru E52 is limited to 1 user only (in my software, unless you have the different ones).

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